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Скачать A Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic бесплатно

A Dictionary of Moroccan Arabic
Author: R.S. Harrell, T. Fox, M. Abu-Talib
Publisher: Georgetown
Publication date: various
Number of pages: 521
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 28 MB
Language: Moroccan Arabic, English
I was planning to scan my copy of this dictionary, but fortunately, someone else was faster.

As with other Georgetown dictionaries (Iraqi and Syrian come to my mind) this is the best dictionary for the dialect, which merely means it's relatively good...

Especially in the English-Moroccan Arabic part, you'll find plenty of sentences. Many masdars (verbal nouns) and broken plurals are also included. However, it does not give you much help with morphology, you have to know how to conjugate. It has been reprinted many times since the first publication in the 1960s. Entirely in Latin script...and the picture is from Rabat.

Password: none

Remarks: Mirrors welcome...Thanks to maryl.


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