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Скачать A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan бесплатно

A Dictionary of Cebuano Visayan
Publisher: Cornel University, Southeast Asia Frogman
Publication date: 1972/1982
Number of pages: 560

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 49MB
This work is a dictionary of Cebuano Visayan, the language of the central part of the
Philippines and much of Mindanao. Although the explanations are given in English, the aim of
this work is not to provide English equivalents but to explain Cebuano forms in terms of
themselves. It is meant as a reference work for Cebuano speakers and as a tool for students of
the Cebuano language. There is a total of some 25,000 entries and an addenda of 700 forms
which were prepared after the dictionary had been composed.
This dictionary is the product of eleven years work by more than a hundred persons. The
work was edited by me and is my responsibility, but the sources are entirely native, and all
illustrations are composed by native speakers. The personnel who wrote up the entries are listed
in Section 2.1, p. ix. The manuscript went through five versions, the final on an IBM selectrie
composer. The whole composition was done in Cebu City in five months' time by Pacifico
Briones, Nicolasito Catingan, Florecita Florido, Donata LaingOj and Grace Mendoza. The
drafting and splicing were done by Carlito Gubaynon and Felismeno Simplicio. The proofreading
and editing was done by me together with Mrs. Elizabeth Say, Mrs. Fe Cuenea,
Richard Quinanola, and my wife Ida Wolff. In the earlier stages of gatherings transcribing, and
indexing materials a huge number of people participated, too numerous to mention by name.
The entire dictionary through the final composed product was compiled from notes on index
cards in the course of twenty-six months. My thanks go especially to the staff listed above and
on p. ix for their cooperative spirit. Without their willingness to work overtime, this dictionary
could not have been completed.

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