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Скачать A Malay manual with grammar бесплатно


A Malay manual with grammar, reading exercises, and vocabularies
Author: Edited by J. H. Freese
Publisher: KEGAN PAUL, TRENCH, TRUBNER & CO., LTD., London
Date: 1914
Pages: 130
Format: DJVU / Excelent - OCR
Size: 8.2 Mb
Language: English
The object of this Manual is to furnish the beginner with an introduction to a language of which he is entirely ignorant. They are strictly practical, and written in simple language. Elaborate rules and lists of exceptions, which only confuse the learner, are omitted.
The general arrangement of their contents is the following : —
(1) An account of the alphabet, pronunciation, and phonetic laws of the language. These, when necessary, will be discussed at some length, although in some cases it is impossible adequately to represent certain foreign sounds by any system of English transliteration. But even where the services of a native are not obtainable, it is believed that careful attention to the rules will enable the student to make himself intelligible. Where the written language employs a foreign alphabet, some account of this alphabet will be given, as an introduction to the study of the printed books.
(2) A short grammatical sketch with thematical word lists, containing only what is absolutely necessary. The simpler the sentences used at first, the more intelligible they are likely to be.
(3) Simple English exercises or dialogues for translation and retranslation, the words used being restricted to those that are met with in everyday life. The acquisition of a foreign language being in the main an effort of memory, these exercises should be thoroughly mastered, so that no word shall be forgotten. Five hundred words perfectly known are of more use than five thousand imperfectly known.
(4) Specimens of the written language, with notes, to illustrate the difference between the literary and the colloquial.
(5) Two Vocabularies, one containing all the foreign words used in the Exercises, the other (English ) of about 2, 500-3,000 words. The learner should select the most useful and commit them to memory, gradually acquiring the remainder as necessity arises. A short list of books of a more advanced nature, likely to be useful to the student, will be suggested in the Preface to each volume.

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