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Скачать Lexique Pro Indonesian English Dictionary бесплатно


Bahasa Indonesia - Lexique Pro 3.2.3 Setup
Publisher: SIL International
Date: 2007
Format / Quality: .exe / Free Electronic Dictionary Software Setup
Medicine: Not needed
Size: 7.5 MB
Language: Indonesian <-> English (~ 6500 words)
Lexique Pro is an interactive lexicon viewer and editor, with hyperlinks between entries, category views, dictionary reversal, possibility of including pictures into the dictionary entries, search, and export tools. It's designed to display your data in a user-friendly format so you can distribute it to others.

Don't keep your lexicon to yourself! Share it with others!

You've spent years working on your dictionary, but how easy is it for others to make the most of it? Are the speakers of the language getting any benefit from it? Is it user-friendly enough for a non-linguist to look at? Are translators making the best use of it? Are partner organisations using it? Do university professors have it on their computers? Is it in local schools, government offices and cyber-cafés? Can people download it from your website? Or is it just lying on your hard disk or hidden away gathering dust in the corner of a library somewhere?

Lexique Pro is all about making your data usable, accessible and easy to share with others. And not only that... you may find you use it more yourself!

Technical Aspects:

The 'Bahasa Indonesia - Lexique Pro Setup.exe', when run, will install on your compurer:
  1. Lexique Pro 3.2.3 Electronic Dictionary Software (detailed Help included)
  2. Indonesian <-> English searchable dictionary for Lexique Pro
You can edit this Indonesian <-> English dictionary, add new entries and delete the ones you don't need.
Moreover, with this software you can create you own new dictionaries of any language and even multilingual dictionaries, and compile your dictionaries into Setup.exe to be distributed (I generated the one I am posting here). It is you who decide if the users of your dictionary have the possibility to print the content or not, if they can edit it or not, if they can read the dictionary database files, if the users have the possibility to distribute this dictionary themselves via compiling it into Setup.exe after they edit it. (In this setup all these options are enabled)))

Password: uztranslations


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