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Скачать A Contextual Grammar of Acehnese Sentences бесплатно

A Contextual Grammar of Acehnese Sentences
Author: Abdul Gani Asyik
Publisher: The University of Michigan
Publication date: 1987
ISBN: xxxxxx
Number of pages: 475

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 52,5MB
Acehnese is an Austronesian language spoken by some two and a half million people in the Province of Aceh in northern Sumatra, Indonesia. It has been found to have some connection with Mon-Khmer and Cham on the Southeast Asian mainland.1 The Acehnese live mainly in the coastal plains of the province. They live in all four "kabupatens" (Aceh is divided into eight "kabupatens" (counties)) along the coast facing the Strait of Malacca: in Greater Aceh (Capital: Banda Aceh), which also extends to the west coast facing the Indian Ocean, in Pidie (Capital: Sigli), in North Aceh (Capital: Lhokseumawe), and in East Aceh (Capital: Langsa). The Acehnese share East Aceh with the Tamiang people, who speak Tamiang, a variant of Malay. The Tamiang live in the area around the town of Kualasimpang, an area bordering on the Province of North Sumatra (Medan).

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