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Скачать The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic бесплатно

The Lexicon of Proto Oceanic: The culture and environment of ancestral Oceanic society
Author: Malcolm Ross et al.
Publisher: Pacific Linguistics
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: 978192131319-6
Number of pages: 417
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 7.11 Mb
A voluminous book of the most interest to those interested in Proto-Oceanic and Austronesian languages.

The book contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Locating Proto Oceanic
Chapter 3 The Landscape
Chapter 4 The Seascape
Chapter 5 Meteorological phenomena
Chapter 6 Navigation and the heavens
Chapter 7 Properties of inanimate objects
Chapter 8 Talking about space: terms of location and direction
Chapter 9 Time
Appendix 1: Data sources and collation
Appendix 2: Languages

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