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Скачать The Powerful and Deadly Spells of the Javanese бесплатно

The Powerful and Deadly Spells of the Javanese
Author: Lau Soon Wah
Publisher: Finbarr International
Publication date: 1986
Number of pages: 24
Format / Quality: Scanned PDF - Medium
Size: 1.25 Mb
This is a very nice book. For you to try your Javanese. And for you to try your ability to manage the supernatural forces...

In the introduction the author states that the book teaches you the right invocations to deal with immaterial forces. I'll try this one for you all:

Hai tuk tandan ge-lombang perang
Bukit ter-dinding didepan-ku
Berat seperti batu
Ter-baring didepan-ku...

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Use with care!


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