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Скачать Kemaloh Lundayeh - English Dictionary бесплатно

Kemaloh Lundayeh - English Dictionary
Author: Ricky Ganang, Jay Crain, Vicki Pearson-Rounds
Publisher: -
Publication date: 2006
Number of pages: 422

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 2.35 Mb
Believe it or not, this dictionary sells for 40 dollars at a famous bookseller in Internet. At eBay you find it for 140 dollars. And the fact is, that it is totally free and freely available to anyone. Well, I definately do not understand who/what rules the global market.

The Kerayan-Kelabit highlands of central northeast Borneo are settled by groups of people who speak several variants of a language which A. B. Hudson coined as the “Apo Duat” language, after the name of a mountain range between the Kerayan plateau in East Kalimantan and the Kelabit plateau in Sarawak, erroneously written in maps of Borneo as “Apo Duat”.
As far as the local inhabitants are concerned no mountain range exists by such name, but there is a mountain range which local people call “Apad Wat”, apad “mountain range”, and wat “tree roots”. Anthropologists who studied the groups have been fascinated by the similarities between the groups. On the basis of cultural and linguistic evidences, they are but one people.

What is Lun Dayeh? The term lun dayeh literally means “people of the interior or upriver”. It seems like an appropriate term for self-referent for people who live in the upper reaches of rivers. In fact, the people of Lawas and Limbang districts, and those in Brunei who call themselves Lun Bawang sometimes refer to themselves as Lun Dayeh. According to W. M. Toynbee, the Kelabit also use the term lun dayeh as a self-referent. For instance, “The Kelabit have lived in the interior highlands of Sarawak’s Fourth Division for a very long time. The name for their race was Lundayeh (simply “Hillman”), but they came to be identified with the river, Pa Labit, and this name eventually turned into English “Kelabit”.

The two groups who retained the term lun dayeh are the people we know today as the Lun Dayeh of East Kalimantan and the Lundayeh of Sabah.

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