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Скачать Discovering Mavea: Grammar, Texts, and Lexicon бесплатно

Discovering Mavea: Grammar, Texts, and Lexicon
Author: Valerie M. P. R. Guerin
Publisher: University of Hawa'ai
Publication date: 2008
Number of pages: 575
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Mavea is an Oceanic language spoken on the eponymous island Mavea, off the eastern coast of Espiritu Santo, in Vanuatu. It is a severely endangered language, spoken by approximately 34 people.

In an effort to safeguard information about Mavea, this dissertation provides a synchronic description of some of the grammatical features of the language.

Background information about the language affiliation and the language situation on the island is first introduced. Some aspects of the phonology (such as the loss of linguo-labials) and the morphophonology of the language are then described, followed by a discussion on the complexity of the Mavea numeral system. This descriptive grammar also highlights morphosyntactic features that Mavea shares with other languages of the Oceanic language family, such as serial verb constructions and direct and indirect possessive constructions.

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