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Скачать Clause Structure and Argument Realization in Tongan бесплатно

Clause Structure and Argument Realization in Tongan
Author: Douglas L. Ball
Publisher: Stanford University
Publication date: 2008
Number of pages: 458
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 2.3 Mb
This dissertation investigates the structure of clauses and how key subparts of them – the arguments of their predicates – are realized in the Polynesian language, Tongan. The leading proposal of this work, running through the analyses of all phenomena, is that Tongan can be analyzed with less syntactic structure than has previously been proposed by others working on Polynesian languages.

The framework I make use of – Sign-Based Construction Grammar (SBCG) – is multi-factorial; it spreads the analytical load among parallel (but related) constituency, syntactic valency, and semantic data structures.

This dissertation, drawing on extensive fieldwork data, shows that Tongan is better analyzed in terms of minimal hierarchical structure and that a multifactorial approach offers a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of Tongan morphosyntax than previous accounts.

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