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Скачать Mencerdaskan Bangsa - Reading Gardens in Indonesia бесплатно


Author: Stian Haklev
Publisher: University of Toronto
Date: April 2008
Pages: 87
Format / quality: pdf / good
Size: 3.07 Mb
Languages: Two copies of the book included, one in English and one in Indonesian translation
Since 2001, a movement of individuals, neighbourhood and community organizations and NGOs starting and running their own libraries has emerged in Indonesia. Called Taman Bacaans (TBs) - reading gardens - these simple libraries, often hosted in somebody’s house, or in a community building, provide easy and informal access to books, as well as frequent literacy programming. This thesis traces the historical heritage of these TBs back to the early renting libraries of peranakan Chinese in the 19th century, through Balai Pustaka and the public library movement under Sukarno.

It then describes how the movement emerges in Bandung and Yogyakarta, and also identifies a number of factors that enabled and supported the movement: inspiring individual role-models, “best-case” libraries, networks and the roles of Islam and nationalism. Finally it provides an overview of the situation today, combining government statistics with the results of a survey conducted in Jakarta.

The thesis was written in English, but included is also a full Indonesian translation of the entire text.

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