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Скачать Historical Grammar of Old Prussian бесплатно

Historical Grammar of Old Prussian
Author: Vytautas Maziulis
Publisher: -
Publication date: 2006
Number of pages: 111

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 0.53 Mb
The research of Old Prussian1 faces more problems than the research of cognate Lithuanian and Latvian languages because Old Prussian (= Prussian) has been poorly presented in written documents. Historical Grammar of Old Prussian (= HGOP) deals with many debatable problems when synchronical and diachronical aspects of Prussian phonetics (as well as spelling), derivation and especially inflexion are touched upon.

This is done basing on 4 volumes of former Etymological Dictionary of Old Prussian and on works, referred to in this Dictionary.

I do not discuss problems of Prussian syntax which is enough Germanized in attested documents.

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