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Скачать Barcelona Art Nouveau бесплатно


Barcelona Art Nouveau
Author: Lluís Permanyer, Melba Levick
Publisher: Rizzoli, NY
Date: 1999
Pages: 163
Format / Quality: DJVU / Full color / Good
Size: 14 MB
Language: English
This visually stunning work focuses on the crowning architectural wonders of Modernisme--the Catalan version of Art Nouveau -- located in the Eixample quadrant of Barcelona. Highlighted are 46 of the most outstanding turn-of-the-19th-century houses, public buildings, and monuments in this unique style, created by some of the most notable architects of that period, including Domenech, Gaudi, Puig, and Sagnier. The "stars" of this book are the glorious, clear photographs by Levick, which show not only the composition and fine details of the buildings, including sgraffiti, intricate carvings, undulating lines, decorative tile, and wrought-iron features, but also the aesthetic differences and patterns in light and shadow. The text by Permanyer (Gaud! of Barcelona, Rizzoli, 1997) is ample for some buildings but severely lacking for others and leaves the reader begging for more information on the architects highlighted. Also included are 15 additional noteworthy buildings and structures and, for travelers, a map showing a predetermined Art Nouveau tour of the buildings. Recommended for general architecture and design collections.

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