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Скачать The Armenian Dialect of Aslanbeg бесплатно

The Armenian Dialect of Aslanbeg
Author: Bert Vaux
Publisher: Harvard University
Publication date: 1993
Number of pages: 30
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 0.2 Mb
Aslanbeg is located in the northwest corner of Asia Minor, three hours by foot from the cities of Nicomedia and Isnimit (modern Iznik and Izmit, slightly southeast of Istanbul). There are actually three Aslanbegs (each now called ‘Aslanbey’) in northwest Turkey; though none of these appear on any map of Turkey, the Gazetteer lists their locations as 40.44N 30.48E, 41.46N 33.52E, and 40.42N 30.01E; Ôahukyan (1972) places it at roughly 41N 29.5E, near modern Gölcük, on the coast facing Izmit.

Until 1915 the village consisted of some 4000 Armenians, whose primary occupations were farming and producing silkworms, grapevines, charcoal, and tobacco. The dialect now appears to be extinct.

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