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Скачать Teach Yourself Abkhaz бесплатно

Teach Yourself Abkhaz
Author: http://learn.apsni.com
Publisher: http://learn.apsni.com
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: xxxxxxx
Number of pages: 59
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 1,04MB
You are about to start a course of Abkhazian language.

Every language is unique, like a mirror that reflects the history contained in that language, its material and spiritual culture. And as popular wisdom says: "how many languages you know, how many times you're a person". Because only through language can you penetrate the deep soul of the people and really know their centuries-old experience.

You learned at school, at university, foreign languages that are related to Russian language, since they all grew from one Indo-European parent language. Therefore, despite a few differences, in principal they are built on the same model.

Abkhazian language belongs to a different family of languages. Ahead of you waits a new and surprising discovery! A new language system, a new model of phrase construction, a new counting system...

You're not scared of novelty? You're ready to use your mind and heart to comprehend the mysterious? If so, then

Symbols used in the text:
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Pay attention. Important material!
Grammar rule.

Note from Apsni.com:
This course is from a book which recently appeared in bookshops in Abkhazia. The book is in Russian and has been translated into English by Neil. Since the original is in Russian, it assumes the reader is familiar with Russian - an assumption which remains with this translation since I have attempted not to alter the text. You can find plenty of introductions to the Russian alphabet on the web, for example this and this.
The book is called "Teach Yourself Abkhazian, part 1", printed in Sukhumi 2003, with thanks to The Soros Foundation. No copyright is claimed.
Authors: B.G. Jonua, A.N. Kiut; Drawings: V.V. Vouba; Editors: L. Argun, S. Ladaria; Proof Readers: M. Tsnaria, L. Agarba; Technical Editor: N. Gerzma.

This course is also available in Turkish and Russian.

I have not finished the translation yet. I will start from the beginning and continue until it's finished.

Password: uztranslations


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