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Скачать Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar бесплатно

Elementary Modern Armenian Grammar
Author: K. Gulian
Publisher: Various
Publication date: 1902
Number of pages: 213
Format / Quality: pdf
Size: 5 MB
Password: uztranslations
I promised to post this one a while ago, since we only have one or two books here for Western Armenian.

This is an old school grammar which teaches the reader Armenian in forty-some lessons through grammar and sentences to end with literary selections. It has been reprinted many times and it's one of the most easily accessible materials if you're in the US.

If you like old-fashioned materials, you will learn a lot with this one. Personally, while I prefer the old methods in general (they get you reading so much faster than the pretty multicolored ones with blank exercise pages), I am averse to books which offer disconnected sentences. Also, as with many older Armenian books, it switches at random between two fonts, one of which is more fluid, but smaller and more difficult to read.

The main pleasure of this book lies elsewhere: it has significant historical value. There are sentences about the bravery of Ottoman soldiers, and dialogues (with an English translation) about neighbors dying from typhoid. Also, I appreciate thematic vocabularies given in the appendix.

NB: I hope to post Andonian's book which is a lot easier for the beginner, the missing Assimil pages and some more recent French and German books for western and eastern Armenian, but I must check if I have all the components and can only do it in a few months.

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Mirrors welcome


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