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Скачать Etymological dictionnary of the gaelic language бесплатно

Etymological dictionnary of the Gaelic language
Автор: Alexander MacBain
Издатель: Stirling: Eneas Mackay
Дата издания: 1911
Количество страниц: 494
Формат / качество: pdf/rar normal quality
Размер: 19.9 Mb
Язык: english
THE present edition of Dr MacBain's Etymological Dictionary consists of the text of the original edition, with interposed additions, amendments, and corrections drawn from the author's "Further Gaelic Words and Etymologies," from the "Addenda et Corrigenda" at the end of the first edition, and from written jottings on interleaved copies of these books.

Nothing has been "add-to"~"Dr MacBain's work except
the Supplement to The Outlines of Gaelic Etymology, the words and letters in square brackets, and a few slight changes from the original text, which are the work of the Rev. Dr George Henderson, Lecturer in Celtic Languages and Literature in the University of Glasgow, who found it necessary to abandon his intention of seeing the Gaelic Etymological Dictionary through the press, after reaching the sixteenth page of the "Outlines"; and a few suggestions in brackets followed by "Ed."

Nothing has been left out which could be deciphered, Dr
applied with any measure of confidence. Even queried suggestions have been given, in the belief that mere flashes of thought by an expert may often point the way towards correct findings.



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