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Скачать Manx Lessons - Level 1 бесплатно

Manx Lessons - Level 1
Author: Mona Douglas
Publication date: 1935
Number of pages: 111
Format / Quality: Decoded PDF - Excellent
Size: 434 Kb
The following series of lessons are reprinted from the columns of the Mona's Herald, where theyappeared weekly during the Spring of 1935.

The lessons were started as a direct result of a debate in the Manx Society Annual Meeting for 1934,
which the position and prospects of the Manx language, and the attitude of Manx people towards its
preservation were discussed. A motion was passed at that meeting resolving that a class for the study and use of the language should immediately be organised, provided that (1) a sufficient number of members could be secured to make it worthwhile twelve students being the minimum decided upon and (2) that some means could be found of reprinting and making immediately available some form of elementary grammar for the use of students.

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