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Скачать Fockleyr Gaelg-Baarle (1993) бесплатно

Fockleyr Gaelg-Baarle (Manx-English Dictionary)
Author: Phil Kelly
Publisher: Keyll Coul, Balley Fadine, Rheynn Cullyn
Publication date: 1993
Number of pages: 204
Format / Quality: PDF Excellent
Size: 1.32 Mb
This dictionary is a modified version of that completed in July 1991 which in turn was based on D. C. Fargher’s English - Manx Dictionary of 1979 - (ISBN 0 904980 23 5). In order to accommodate the information in the requisite page limit the layout and text styles have been altered, however all the original entries have been retained and known mistakes have been corrected.

A start has been made to indicate some feminine nouns but this has proved problematical where
existing dictionaries disagree on gender. Readers should not therefore assume that nouns not as yet marked [f] are necessarily masculine. Perhaps someone will produce a definitive list in the future.
It is intended that the contents of this book should be updated at regular intervals, perhaps annually, and therefore your observations upon the inevitable errors and omissions would be welcome so that amendments can be made to future editions.

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