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Скачать The Vikings In Ireland бесплатно

The Vikings In Ireland
Author: Anne-Christine Larsen
Publisher: The Viking Ship Museum
Publication date: 2001
Number of pages: 174
Format / Quality: pdf in rar / good quality
Size: 10.54 Mb
The publication of this book has presented an opportunity to study the exchange of ideas that took place in Viking Age Ireland in greater depth. Particular emphasis has been laid on the influences and resultant changes brought about by the meeting of the two cultures. Just as their colonisation set its lasting traces in various places, so the Vikings took home new impressions and new impulses. They had an ability to maintain their own cultural identity for several centuries wherever they settled. This book is a compilation of articles by scholars from Ireland, England and Denmark, who by means of their specialised knowledge in different fields – archaeology, history, literature, place-names, religion and history of art, reflect upon the meeting of two very disparate cultures – the Viking and the Irish. Light is also thrown upon the mutual cultural exchange so strongly evidenced in the vast amount of existing source material.


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