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Скачать Loanword Adaptation in Mandarin Chinese бесплатно

Loanword Adaptation in Mandarin Chinese: Perceptual,
Phonological and Sociolinguistic Factors

Author: R. Miao
Publisher: Stony Brook University
Publication date: 2005
Number of pages: 184

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 1.02 Mb
From the author:

This dissertation is a study of Mandarin Chinese loanword phonology, with focus on phoneme substitution patterns for consonants and processes used in resolving foreign syllable structures which are illicit in Mandarin.

The data serving as the basis for analysis are loans borrowed into modern Mandarin from three Indo-European languages, namely English, German and Italian. I investigate the perceptual and phonological factors that regulate the variability of loanword adaptation in Mandarin. In addition, I discuss the influence of sociolinguistic factors on the phonological processes observed in the data.

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