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Скачать Ancient Chinese Civilization: Bibliography of Materials in Western Languages бесплатно

Ancient Chinese Civilization: Bibliography of Materials in Western Languages
Author: P. R. Goldin
Publisher: Paul R. Goldin (compiler)
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 516

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 2.36 Mb
Issued on August, 21st 2009, just three days ago.

This bibliography aims to be inclusive from the Stone Age through the pre-Buddhist era and contains approximately 7,700 entries.

Please do not hesitate to inform the compiler of errors or omissions, which are inevitable in a project of this scope. For the sake of concision, anthologies of papers by a single author are listed only once, under title of the volume. (The original bibliographical information of any articles revised or reprinted in such anthologies is omitted, as are the original details of articles that were
later expanded into or incorporated within a book by the same author.)

Book reviews, articles in encyclopedias and newsletters, exhibition catalogues, and unscholarly works for popular audiences are not normally included.

Finally, the original publication date of a work that was subsequently translated or re-issued sometimes appears at the end of a citation in brackets.

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