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Скачать Being Chinese бесплатно


Being Chinese
Publisher: Southern Institute of Technology
Release Date: 03/01/2010
Language: Mandarin & English
Episodes: 5
File Type: RaR -> mp4 (ipod Ready)
File Size: 341 MB
Episode 1 - Presenter Hunter Andrews sits down with Flora Lin as she guides us through some of the intricacies of the Chinese language. We meet a couple of Chinese students Lei Jin and Ging Gang to find out how they find studying living in New Zealand.

Episode 2 - We find out what life is like for one of our new local Chinese families and discover the culturally significant treasures known as the Emperor's Dragons on loan from Shanghai Museum to Dunedin. Flora Lin teaches a little more of the language and learn.

Episode 3 - We meet Dragon dancing performers celebrating the Spring Festival and see how Chinese characters were created and evolved from pictures of such things as people, trees and figures. We also discover the origins of the umbrella.

Episode 4 - Chinese acrobats are rated among the highest in the world, performing arts plays a significant role in Chinese culture. They perform fantastic feats with the agility and the precision of a finely tuned machine.

Episode 5 - From a Chinese perspective we find out what it is like living in New Zealand as a foreign country, we learn a little more of the language and view the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival when the Chinese bit farewell to the past year and welcome in the new year.

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