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Скачать 250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use, Vol. 1 бесплатно


250 Essential Chinese Characters for Everyday Use, Vol. 1
Author: Philip Yungkin Lee
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Date: July 15, 2003
Language: English
File Type: RaR -> pdf
File Size: 37.1 MB
* Each character is shown in both simplified and traditional form, along with its pronunciation and meaning. Information is given about the radical (essential for finding it in a Chinese dictionary) and other components. The character configuration and stroke order are clearly shown, along with other tips to help form it correctly. A grid of practice squares for each character page allows the user to build confidence in writing Chinese.
* Several compounds are also listed for each character. Each of these is likewise accompanied by its pronunciation, meaning and an example sentence (also transliterated and translated). These compounds and sentences build vocabulary and give extra practice in reading Chinese. All compounds are listed in an alphabetical index at the end of the book for ready reference.

* Each set of 10 characters is followed by a quiz containing a variety of imaginative exercises to review and practice the recently learned characters.

* Each set of 50 characters is followed by a "Character Building" section designed to build familiarity with identifying radicals within characters, a Review of vocabulary learned, and a Word Puzzle as an enjoyable way of revising the material covered to that point.

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