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Скачать Sawndip Sawdenj 古壮字字典 (Zhuang-Chinese) бесплатно


Sawndip Sawdenj 古壮字字典 (Zhuang-Chinese)
Author: 苏永勤
Publisher: gvangjsih minzcuz cusbanjse 广西民族出版社
Publication date: 1989
Number of pages: 517
Format : PDF book
Size: 8.95 MB
Quality: Good.
Language: zhuang 壮/ chinese 汉语
A dictionary of the Zhuang language. The Zhuang speak a language related to the Tai language family and they mostly live in the southern autonomous region of Guangxi.

Their traditional writing system is especially interesting, because it borrows elements from the Chinese, but it also includes new characters.

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