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Скачать Idioterne (Dogme #2) бесплатно

Idioterne (Dogme #2)
Director: Lars von Trier
Release date: 1998
Format / Quality: AVI/ excellent quality (do not forget, it's the Dogme '95 Manifesto)
Size: 1,32 Gb
Language: Danish; Русский, одноголосый перевод (you can choose which one you want to listen)
Subtitles: Русские (внешние)
The film is about a seemingly "anti-bourgeois" group of adults who spend their time seeking their "inner idiot" to release their inhibitions. They do so by behaving in public as if they were developmentally disabled. The members of the group refer to this behaviour as "spassing", a neologism derived from "spasser", the Danish equivalent of "spaz", which has the same connotations in Denmark as in the United Kingdom. (The Idiots is not concerned with actual disability, or with distinguishing between mental retardation and physical impairment.)

The "spassing" is a self-defeating attempt by the group to challenge the establishment through provocation. The self-styled idiots feel that the society-at-large treats their intelligence uncreatively and unchallengingly; thus, they seek the uninhibited self-expression that they imagine a romantic ideal of disability will allow.

Remarks: 1. There are two audio streams. If you use Media Player Classic right click on the screen, choose "Audio -> ... ". If other soft, search in options. 2. If you like this film I advice you to watch a Tomas Vinterberg's "Festen (Dogme #1)". It's Danish too.

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