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Скачать Practical Hungarian Grammar бесплатно

Practical Hungarian Grammar
Author: Miklós Törkenczy
Publisher: CORVINA
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: 963 13 5131 9
Number of pages: 183

Format / Quality: pdf(Excellent Quality) - zipped
Size: 1,37MB
This book is a guide to the most important structures of Hungarian. It is a practical reference grammar intended to help the reader/learner in individual or group study, and can be sued at levels, (beginner, intermediate and advanced). As the multitude of words forms present perhaps the most serious challange to those who study Hungarian, the focus of the book is the way in which words are built up from stems and affixes including inflection and derivation(word formation) In addition to a comprehensive treatment of the irregularities and irregularities of word structure, the book covers pronunciation, letter-to-sound correspondences, the essential characteristics of larger structures (such as phrases, clauses and sentences, and gives detailed information on usage.

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