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Скачать Sparkchart french grammar бесплатно

Sparkchart french grammar
Author: Barnes & Noble
Publication date: 2007
Format / Quality: PDF
Pages: 6
Size: 2 MB
ISBN : 9781411488
SparkCharts™-created by Harvard students for students everywhere-serve as study companions and reference tools that cover a wide range of subjects, including Business, Math, Science, History, Humanities, Foreign Language, and Writing. Titles like Presentations and Public Speaking, Essays and Term Papers, Resumes and Cover Letters, and Test Prep give you what it takes to find success in college and beyond. Outlines and summaries cover key points, while diagrams and tables make difficult concepts easier to digest.

All for the price of that late-night cappuccino you'll no longer need!

This six-page chart reviews:

* Nouns
* Articles
* Adjectives
* Comparatives and superlatives
* Prepositions
* Pronouns and relative pronouns
* Possessive and demonstrative adjectives and pronouns
* Negations and asking questions
* Indefinite constructions
* Verb tenses
* Special tables on conjugation and compound tenses


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