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Скачать Sub-Saharan French (Familiarization & Short-term Training) бесплатно

Sub-Saharan French (Familiarization & Short-term Training)
Author: Sanda Huffman, Earl W Stevick, Aristide Pereira, Francis Taffa
Publisher: FSI
Publication date: 1983
ISBN: xxxxxx
Number of pages: 529

Format / Quality: pdf-zipped
Size: 18,7MB
The field test version of Sub-Saharan French, Familiarization
and Short-Term Training was prepared in February
1981 under the directl0n of James A. Snow. Marcellin Hépié
and Laura Weygand assisted in this effort. The field test
version was revised in April 1982. Revisions were based on
observation of student performance and comments of both
students and instructors at FSI, as weIl as on comments by
students, instructors, and other members of the foreign
service community at francophone posts in Africa. While we
realize that sorne questions regarding vocabulary, style,
usage, and cultural matters may always be subject ta
variable interpretation, based on country of origin or
personal preference, we have attempted to incorporate as
many useful suggestions as possible in this revised edition.
We have drawn on the expertise of our francophone African
staff, and also on that of others who have lived and worked
in francophone Africa. The revisions were produced through
a collaborative effort of the following persons: Elisabeth
de Maynadier, Henri Fourcault, Josette Howarth, MarieCharlotte
Iskowski, AIistide Pereira, and El-Hadj i Seck,
under the direction of Hedy A. st. Denis. Recording of the
accompanying tapes was done by Myriam Bourdin, Elisabeth de
Maynadier, Henri Fourcault, Marcellin Hépié, Liam Humphreys,
Antoine Napel, Aristide Pereira, Jean-Louis Santini,
Marie-Thérèse Schilling, and Lydie Stefanopoulos, under the
supervision of José M. Ramirez in the FSI recording studio,
with the assistance of Mark Macklow. The drawings were dene
by Gary D. Crawford. Technical assistance for artwork was
provided by Anne Meagher and John McClelland in the FSI
audio-visual section, under the guidance of Joseph A.
Sadote. The manuscript revisions were effected by Maryko
Deemer. The index was prepared by Marianne Lehr Adams.
Arrangements for final publication were made by Allen 1.

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