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Скачать Marco Polo бесплатно


Marco Polo - Complete
Director:Giuliano Montaldo
Studio: Scanbox Entertainment - 1982
Format / Quality: DVDRip/Xvid
Size: 1340 Mb/880 Mb/880 Mb/1350 Mb
Run Time: 450 minutes
Actors: Burt Lancaster, John Gielgud, Denholm Elliot, Anne Bancroft
Thirteen months and ten million dollars were lavished upon this ten-hour, four-part TV miniseries about legendary globetrotter Marco Polo. Newcomer Ken Marshall played the title character, a 14th century Venetian explorer who, among other accomplishments, firmly established the "silk route" between Europe and the Orient, introducing such precious commodities as spaghetti and fireworks to the Occidental world. In addition to featuring the usual polyglot of major British and American stars in cameo roles (including Denholm Elliott, Anne Bancroft, John Gielgud, Leonard Nimoy, and Burt Lancaster), the production represented the first Western production to be filmed on location in China since WWII -- not to mention the first English-language appearance of celebrated Chinese stage and film actor Ying Ruocheng, superbly cast as the mighty Kublai Khan. An American-Italian-Austrian-French-British co-production, Marco Polo received its first U.S. showing when it was telecast by NBC from May 16 through 19, 1982. A "condensed" version, running approximately 270 minutes, was later made available in Europe and South America. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Venedig, im 13. Jahrhundert. Marco Polo, der Sohn eines reichen venezianischen Kaufmanns, träumt davon, wie sein Vater durch die Welt zu reisen. 1269 erfüllt sich für den 17jährigen dieser Wunsch. Um die Handelsbeziehungen nach China auszudehnen, brechen die Polos zu einer abenteuerlichen Reise in den Fernen Osten auf.

1 - 1340 Mb

2 - 880 Mb

3 - 880 Mb

4 - 1350 Mb


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