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Скачать Teach Yourself German [Audio@192kbps] [Ed-2008] бесплатно

NEW EDITION!! - Teach Yourself German [Audio@192kbps] [Ed-2008]
Author: Heiner Schenke & Paul Coggle
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Publication date: March 20, 2008
ISBN: 978-0071502603
Format / Quality: Audio Only| rar -> mp3 @192kbps
Size: 169MB
NEW EDITION!! - Teach Yourself German
Audio from - March 20, 2008 Edition

Prepared by experts in the language, each course begins with the basics and gradually promotes the student to a level of smooth and confident communication, including:

· Up-to-date, graded interactive dialogues
· Graded units of culture notes, grammar, and exercises
· Step-by-step guide to pronunciation
· Practical vocabulary
· Regular and irregular verb tables
· Plenty of practice exercises and answers
· Bilingual glossary

The new editions also feature:

· Clear, uncluttered, and user-friendly layout
· Self-assessment quizzes to test progress
· Website suggestions to take language study further

|Disc 1 - Disc 2|
Password: uztranslations

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