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Скачать 15-minute German бесплатно


15-minute German (EW TRAVEL 15-MINUTE LANGUAGE)
Publisher: DK ADULT
Number of Pages: 160
Publication Date: 2005-04-04
RARed pdf, 9.82 MB
With an innovative, visual approach the Eyewitness Travel 15-Minute language guides are the ideal tools for people who need to learn a language fast.

Like all DK Eyewitness travel books this one is packed with nice photographs to illustrate the pages and make it fun to read. I was looking for a review book as well as an introductory guide for my wife that would be more interesting than a plain text phrasebook, and it qualifies well.

Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/272336567/0756609305_minute_German.rar

password: uztranslations


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