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Скачать Grundwortschatz Deutsch Englisch Arabisch бесплатно

Grundwortschatz Deutsch Englisch Arabisch
Author: Heinz Oehler, Raif Georges Khury
Publisher: Klett
Publication date: 1970
ISBN: 3125196809
Number of pages: 282
Format / Quality: pdf / medium-good
Size: 15 mb
This essential vocabulary in German is the result of more than 50 years' statistical linguistic survey in Germany, the United States, England and France. From research into the frequency of word-usage we know the following facts: more than 80% of the vocabulary of all normal texts is included in the basic 1000 words of a language [...] This basic vocabulary offers more than 2000 basic words and 3000 idioms in German with their English and Arabic equivalents. For those who from English or Arabic want to learn the vocabulary of everyday German or to consolidate their word power, it will be indispensable.[...] German speaking students and tourists too, will also gladly refer to it to acquire and expand their Arabic vocabulary. To this end, all the different vowells in Arabic (with the exception of the index) were clearly marked and a few synonyms added.

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: One of my favourite books, a good resource for German and Arabic learners.


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