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Скачать Refrains in Ancient Greek Poetry бесплатно

Refrains in Ancient Greek Poetry
Author: Simon Peter Burris
Publisher: Cornell University
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 210
Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 0.81 Mb
What do refrains contribute to ancient Greek poetry? Modern scholarship has usually limited its treatment of ancient Greek refrains to considerations of their external associations. The tendency has been to explain refrains, both individually and as a formal type, by reference to assumed origins for the refrain form and its use in primitive song, for which we have little or no evidence.

By contrast, I have attempted to explain the refrain form as an established feature within the ancient Greek poetic tradition. I am interested in two questions.

First, what do individual refrains contribute to the individual poems in which they appear? Second, what literary refrain tradition is indicated by the surviving examples? Obviously the answering of one question involves the answering of the other.

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