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Скачать Epikoinoniste Ellinika 1 (only CD) бесплатно


Epikoinoniste Ellinika 1 (CD)
Author: Arvanitakis Cleanthis
Publisher: Editions Deltos
Format / Quality: mp3
Size: 45MB
For someone learning Greek as a foreign language, this is best used as a revision or study along side classes, as all the instructions are in Greek. Having said that, the excercises are beautifully thought out, the grammar sections are easily followed and well laid out. For those at intermediate level, this is SO useful. If you struggle with an aspect of grammar in class, this is an ideal way to review and practice with some different excercises. The accusative case is brought in from lesson one, and by the end of this book you are using the future and subjunctive tenses with confidence, and the table of countries, with their languages, name for people and adjectives is the best I have ever seen.


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