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Скачать Greek by gestures [Instant Greek] бесплатно

Instant Greek
Author: William Papas + barba-Giánnes
Publisher: William Papas
Publication date: 1972
Number of pages: 160
Format / Quality: pdf/excellent
Size: 15 MB
"INSTANT GREEK or How to communicate in Greek as quickly as you can twist your wrist" is a short guide of 70 typically Greek gestures used in the traditional paralinguistic communication of the Aegean Greeks.

Gestures are clearly illustrated in an active, codified way, then interpreted in original Greek and also translated into English, German, Swedish and French.

The American writer says that the book actually describes how he started learning Greek, going on to add:
"Greek is a difficult, complicated language. It can take from a year to ten years to learn, and most tourists do not generally have that sort of time. [...] Now for the first time you can learn to communicate in a way that is probably older than language itself. With the help of one of the master exponents of this method, Professor Barba Yannis [...] you will be able to converse easily on the most essential subjects of Greek daily life."

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Mirrors are welcome.

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