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Скачать Modern Greek for multilingual classes бесплатно

Neohelleniké glóssa gia polýglosses tákseis
Author: Réna Maráke
Publisher: ekd. Castanióte
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 97896003480
Number of pages: 278+38

Format / Quality: pdf[x2]/excellent
Size: 46+7 MB
This book [full title is "Neohelleniké glóssa - keímena, askéseis kai hyposteriktikó hylikó gia polýglosses tákseis Gymnasíou kai Lykeíou" (Modern Greek - texts, exercises and learning material for multilingual classes of Intermediate and High School)] contains mainly texts and accompanying comprehension and follow-up exercises for learners of LEVELS B1 UP TO C1.

It consists of four parts: The first two parts emphasize on dialogues, simpler or more complicated texts, i.e. on topical vocabulary, whereas grammar is introduced gradually; the other two parts propose more demanding texts (social topics, Greek literature extracts).

All in all, it is a great manual full of useful exercises and interesting texts about the Greek culture. The independent learner is assisted by translation of the main vocabulary in ENGLISH and FRENCH [in the book] as well as in ALBANIAN and RUSSIAN [in annex; here, as a separate file]. The one drawback is lack of answers key.

Remarks: Mirrors are welcome.


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