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Скачать Dictionary of Greek as a foreign language бесплатно

Dictionary of Greek as a foreign language
Author: Ánna Iordanídes [sup.]
Publisher: Ethnikón Kapodhistriakón Panepistémion
Publication date: 2008
Number of pages: 689

Format / Quality: pdf/excellent
Size: 7 MB
"LEKSIKO TES HELLENIKES HOS KSENES GLOSSAS" [Dictionary of Greek as a foreign language] is a dictionary for non-native speakers written solely in Greek.

Originally conceived to assist Muslim Greek pupils at their "second-grade education" tasks, the dictionary contains authentically chosen, basic vocabulary of the Greek language (10.000 words) put into semantic [examples, collocations, idioms, synonyms, opposites] as well as grammatical context. The preferred means of explaining each word is rephrasing.

This dictionary is the closest Greek counterpart to the familiar "LEARNER'S" series of monolingual dictionaries, and is thus recommended to learners of B2 LEVEL AND HIGHER.

Valuable extras in annexes: Greek and Roman numbering systems; nationalities vocabulary (countries and inhabitants); Greek regions and districts autonyms.

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Remarks: Here, as a single PDF file. Also available in separate files at the source website: http://www.museduc.gr/index.php?page=2⊂=223


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