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Скачать Paramýthia díkhos télos [vol. A] бесплатно

Paramýthia díkhos télos [vol. A]
Author: trad.
Publisher: METRO magazine
Publication date: 2003
Number of pages: 30
Format / Quality: .pdf+.mp3/excellent
Size: 100 MB
"Παραμύθια δίχως τέλος" [Endless tales] is a two-CD series of mostly traditional fairy tales or short stories from Greece and the world, which are read by famous Greek singers who got together for this "dream project".

Dramatical and sometimes melodic interpretation of the texts, but above all neat articulation, along with their linguistic variety, make them a cherishing listening experience for learners of all levels.

The recordings are accompanied by full Greek transcripts [PDF file]

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Mirrors are welcome.


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