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Скачать LangMedia "Greek in Greece" video lessons бесплатно

Lang Media - "Greek in Greece" video lessons
Author: coll.
Publisher: Five College Centre for Study of Modern Languages
Publication date: 2003
Number of pages: 89
Format / Quality: .pdf+.mp4/.rm // good
Size: 109 MB
"Greek in Greece" is a free SURVIVAL video course for HIGHER INTERMEDIATE learners of Modern Greek.

It uses 64 short videos (shot by a couple of families, indoors or outdoors) in order to introduce the learner into the LANGUAGE and SOCIAL CULTURE of Greeks. Videos are accompanied by cultural notes, Greek transcripts and English translation of the recorded material, as well as photos supporting the pertaining units [here, in a single .pdf file].

Please BE WARNED: The whole project is supposed to familiarize a newcomer student or traveller with the living Greek reality, but, even though it is realistic enough, its overall quality is low (problems with sound, articulation, settings, originality). As a result, "Greek in Greece" requires maximum attention, patience and exploitation by the learner.

Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Source website: http://langmedia.fivecolleges.edu/collection/lm_greece/gr_index.html


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