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Скачать Synónyma kai syngeniká - Tékhnes kai sýnerga [1931 ed.] бесплатно

Synónyma kai syngeniká - Tékhnes kai sýnerga
Author: Pétros Blastós
Publisher: Hestía
Publication date: 1931
Number of pages: 662
Format / Quality: pdf/excellent
Size: 26 MB
This is one of the earlier Greek dictionaries for synonyms, by Pétros Blastós, a remarkable author, poet and translator of the Hellenic diaspora of the 20th century.

In the first part, alphabetical headwords come with their plain synonyms.
In the second part of the book, the author lists all kinds of vocabulary associated with traditional craftspeople and professionals (principally, their tools and utensils).

Please NOTE: Cover photo comes from a much newer edition of the book, and is only indicative. Scan comes from the original 1931 edition.

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Remarks: Source: "Anéme", the Digital Library of the University of Crete (the scanned book bears its watermark). Direct download address: http://anemi.lib.uoc.gr/metadata/9/7/a/metadata-01-0000133.tkl


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