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Скачать Pictorial dictionary of Modern Greek [UPDATE] бесплатно

Pictorial dictionary of Modern Greek
Author: Theológes Bostandjóglu
Publisher: Theológes Bostandjóglu
Publication date: 1975
Number of pages: +127
Format / Quality: .pdf/very good
Size: 63+11 MB
"Εικονόγραπτον ονομαστικόν [λεξικόν] τής νεοελληνικής γλώσσης (μέ πίνακας εικόνων από τό εγκυκλοπαιδικόν λεξικόν Ντούντεν)" [PICTORIAL REVERSE DICTIONARY OF MODERN GREEK] is yet another innovative and thoroughgoing work compiled by Th. Bostandjóglu on the basis of the German "DUDEN Bildwörterbuch" illustrations.

Almost 40 years old, this work has hardly ever been outdone by pictorial terminological lexicography for Greek - in terms of proper rendering of terminology, scientific responsibility and sensitivity, and due consideration of both puristic and demotic varieties of Greek.

It is invaluable help for speakers, translators and, above all, learners of Greek, who can now visualize vocabulary while acquiring it.

For reasons of convenience, the alphabetical index is here available as a separate file.

Download [CORPUS]
Download [INDEX]
Password: uztranslations

Remarks: Mirrors are welcome.


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