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Скачать Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew бесплатно


A Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew
Author: M. H. Segal
Publisher: Clarendon Press, Oxford
Year: 1979
Number of pages: xlii + 248
Format: pdf/rar
Size: 15.1 MB
From the Preface: This little book has been written with a twofold object: first, to provide students of early Rabbinic literature with a fairly complete grammar of the dialect of that literature; and, secondly, to demonstrate the organic connexion of this Mishnaic dialect with Biblical Hebrew, and its relative independence of contemporary Aramaic, at least in the field of grammar. A good deal of material belonging to comparative grammar has, therefore, been introduced, and constant reference is made to the standard authority in the English language on the grammar of Biblical Hebrew, viz. Dr. Cowley's edition of Gesenius-Kautzsch's Hebrew Grammar. As that work is most familiar to English readers, I have followed it, as far as possible, in the arrangement and terminology of the present work.

The examples illustrating grammatical rules have been drawn mainly from the Mishna and, to a smaller extent, from the Baraitot and other Hebrew elements of the Babylonian Talmud, because these works are the most accessible to ordinary students. Other less accessible works, like the Tosefta, the Jerusalem Talmud, and the Midrashim, have been drawn upon only occasionally. The English renderings of the examples have been made as literal as possible, in order to exhibit clearly the construction and phraseology of the original.

As is well known, the text of Rabbinic works is in a neglected condition, apd readings are often uncertain. In citations from the Mishna I have taken care to give only examples of which the reading is established as fairly correct by agreement between the Palestinian text of Lowe and the Babylonian texts of the current editions of the Mishna, and of the Mishna embodied in the Babylonian Talmud. I have refrained from troubling the reader with variant readings which serve no grammatical purpose. Occasionally, however, differences of reading have been indicated where they have a bearing on the grammar of the dialect.

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