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Скачать Learn Hindi Through English бесплатно


Learn Hindi Through English
Author: Dr. N. Sreedharan
Publisher: Sura Books
Date: 2006
Pages: 188
Format: pdf
Size: 8 MB
Target language: Hindi
Source languages: English

Скачать Пракриты бесплатно


Author: В. В. Вертоградова
Publisher: "Восточная литература", РАН, М.
Date: 2002
Pages: 104
Format / Quality: DJVU / very good+
Size: 2 MB (incl. +5% recovery)
Language: Russian

Скачать The Language of the Modhupur Mandi (Garo) бесплатно

The Language of the Modhupur Mandi (Garo)
Author: Robbins Burling
Number of pages: 407
Format / Quality: PDF-zipped
Size: 1,28MB

Скачать Teach Yourself Hindi (1989) бесплатно


Teach Yourself Hindi
Authors: R. Snell and S. Weightman
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton, 1989 (fourth impression 1992)
Format/Quality: rar > pdf / b/w, 300 dpi
Size: 305 pages / 43 MB

Скачать A Vocabulary of Technical Terms of Urdu бесплатно

A Vocabulary of Technical Terms of Urdu
Author: GW Leitner
Publisher: Educational Department Punjab
Publication date: 1979
Number of pages: 56

Format / Quality: Pdf medium
Size: 19mb + bonus

Скачать The Hindustani Language бесплатно

The Hindustani Language
Author: W Hooper
Publisher: Christian Literature Society
Publication date: 1917
Number of pages: 340

Format / Quality: Pdf medium
Size: 57 mb +bonus

Скачать Dictionary of Kashmiri бесплатно


Dictionary of Kashmiri
Author: Grierson, George Abraham
Publisher: Asiatic Society of Bengal
Publication date: 1932
Number of pages: 458
Format / Quality: Pdf very good
Size: 13MB

Скачать Samsada Bangala abhidhana бесплатно


Samsada Bangala abhidhana
Author: Biswas, Sailendra
Publisher: Sahitya Samsad
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 711
Format / Quality: rar pdf/ggoCv
Size: 11MB

Скачать Tamil Moli Akarathi бесплатно


Tamil Moli Akarathi
Author: Kadirvelu Pillai, Na
Publisher: Pi. Ve. Namacivaya Mutaliyar
Publication date: 1981
Number of pages: 559

Format / Quality: pdf ood
Size: 3MB + bonus 2,5MB

Скачать A comprehensive Tamil and English Dictionary бесплатно

A comprehensive Tamil and English Dictionary
Author: Winslow, Miron
Publisher: Madras: P.R. Hunt
Publication date: 1862
Number of pages: 2644pg
Format / Quality: pdf rar good
Size: 15MB