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Скачать Introduction to Prakrit бесплатно


Introduction to Prakrit
Author: Alfred C. Woolner
Publisher: University of the Panjab, Lahore
Date: 1917
Pages: 248
Format / Quality: pdf / djvu; pdf is black and white, djvu is in colour, djvu is better quality, both are OCRed, but withot diacritics
Size: pdf 11 MB / djvu 7 MB
Language: English
Degree courses in Sanskrit almost invariably include a Drama, of which a considerable portion is in Prakrit. In practice, whatever Examiners may imagine, the student reads the Sanskrit chāyā, which most editions provide for him on the same page. At any rate he begins that way; reading the Prakrit afterwards, noticing certain similarities, and some of the differences, so that he may be able to recognize a passage, with which he is already familiar in its Sanskrit form, and perhaps in an English translation. Even the more advanced student who reads the Prakrit as it comes, at the slightest check looks down at the 'shadow.' Consequently few students have any definite knowledge of any one of the Prakrits One cannot blame them. Tlie editions they use are often incorrect in the Prakrit portions, and there is no convenient book of reference on which they can find definite rules. One object of this Introduction to Prakrit is to provide students with a guide for the more attentive and more scholarly study of the Śauraseni and Māhārāṣṭrī passages in their Sanskrit Plays.

The main object however is to assist the student of the History of the great Indo - Aryan Language from Vedic times to the present day.



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