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Скачать Loanwords in Selice Romani, an Indo-Aryan language of Slovakia бесплатно

Loanwords in Selice Romani, an Indo-Aryan language of Slovakia
Author: Viktor Elšík
Publisher: Thesis
Publication date: 2003
Number of pages: 76
Format / Quality: PDF - Excelent
Size: 1.63 MB
Romani is an Indo-Aryan (Indo-Iranian, Indo-European) language, whose numerous and rather divergent dialects are spoken by several millions of “Gypsies” – Roma, Sinti, Mānuš, Kāle and other related groups – throughout Europe and elsewhere.

The variety under description, Selice Romani, is a dialect of Romani spoken by ca. 1,350 Romani inhabitants of the multiethnic village of Selice (Hungarian Sókszelőce, Romani Šóka) in southwestern Slovakia. Selice Romani is part of a linguistic continuum of closely related Romani dialects spoken in southwestern and south-central Slovakia and in north-central Hungary, which together form the Northern subgroup of the South Central group
of Romani dialects (cf. Boretzky 1999; Elšíket al. 1999).
The Northern South Central dialects are often refered to as Rumungro in Romani linguistics (e.g. Matras 2002) and I will also adopt this term here for its brevity. Although all Rumungro varieties have been influenced by Hungarian, most Rumungro speakers presently live in ethnically Slovak parts of Slovakia and are Slovak
bilinguals, whereas an overwhelming majority of Rumungro communities in Hungary and in the Hungarian parts of Slovakia have undergone language shift to Hungarian (cf. Elšík 2003). Selice Romani is one of the few extant Rumungro varieties whose speakers are Hungarian bilinguals.

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