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Скачать Nadodigal бесплатно


Date^ 2009
File Format: Matroska format
File Size: 493,582,323 Byte (470.7 MB)
Time: 02:41:41 (9701 Sec)
Language: Tamil
The film is about group of friends; Karuna (Sasi Kumar), Chandran (Vijay Vasanth) and Pandian (Bharani) who are leading happy lives in their hometown. Happy family and good friendliness amongst them is almost like a feel of paradise coming down on earth. Perhaps, a fateful encounter comes through Karuna's closer friend Saravanan who attempts for suicide due to love failure. The girl he loves is the daughter of a bigshot in Namakkal and Saravanan is the son of a powerful Ex-MP. With all their earnest efforts, they travel to Namakkal and get the young lad and missy united. The friends are completely deteriorated like almost dead with their futuristic plans gone shattered.

Anyhow, they're so elated that their friends are leading a happy life. But sooner, they're blown out of waters on getting to know that the couple is gonna get divorced. What would be their reaction? Watch the unexpected on the screens with an appealing message for the contemporary society. Quite shocking yet powerful


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