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Скачать Persian Influence on Hindi бесплатно

Persian Influence on Hindi
Author: H. Bahri
Publisher: Bharati Press Publications
Publication date: 1960
Number of pages: 138
Format / Quality: pdf, ok
Size: 4 MB
Primarily an overview of Persian vocabulary in Hindi as of 1960, when there was still a large Indian audience even for high register Urdu speech and poetry, as evidenced by the enormous popularity of the movie Mughal-i Azaam.

To be more precise, the Hindi to which this book refers is not the heavily Sanskritized Hindi employed in most books, newspapers and TV news today. This language variant used to be called Hindustani up to the 1940s, and now this style of speech is mostly associated with Bollywood and it is commonly known as Bazaari Hindi. This is not necessarily a derogatory meaning, as most of the lyrics for Hindi movies are still composed in that register, with a lot of Persian words.

Except for an appendix, the Latin script is used for Hindi and Persian.

The lady depicted here should need no introduction, but let's add that she is Mumtaz Mahal, a second generation Iranian immigrant, supposedly of Armenian descent, just to make things even more complicated.

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