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Скачать The Persian Primer, Being an Elementary Treatise on Grammar, with Exercises бесплатно


The Persian Primer, Being an Elementary Treatise on Grammar, with Exercises
Publisher: Irish Presbyterian Mission Press - 1879
Number of pages: 105
Format / Quality: Pdf
Size: 2,9 Mb
When the University of Bombay, some years ago, gave an impetus to the study of Persian, by recognising it as a "classical" language, and it" was consequently introduced in our Schools and Colleges, the want of a good Persian Series, like Mr. Bhandarkar's excellent Sanscrit Series, was much felt. With the hope of supplying this want to some extent, I published in 1871, conjointly with Mr. Narahar Gadadhar Phadake, a First Book of Persian; and subsequently a Second Book of Persian. Both these books found great favour with the students of Persian and were sanctioned by the Director of Public Instruction for use in his Department. Subsequent experience, however, showed me that there was still room for much improvement, and that the books could be written on a much better plan. Therefore, when recently the First Book was out of print, I determined, instead of publishing a Second Edition of it, to write a new book altogether on what I considered an improved plan. How far I have succeeded in the attempt, I leave the public to judge.

The present work contains 20 lessons, eaciiv illustrating an important rule of Grammar. To each lesson is appended a Persian-English and English-Persian Vocabulary, and this- is folio-wed by a series of Persian and English sentences as exercises in translation. The pronunciation of every Persian word occurring for the first time ia a lesson is given in Roman Characters according to the Jonesian system of transliteration,

I should be wanting in my duty if I concluded this Preface without expressing my best thanks to Messrs. Peile and Chatfield, the Directors of Public Instruction for the support they have given to my publications.

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