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Скачать On Kalasha Language бесплатно

On Kalasha Language
Author: VV.AA.
Publisher: uztranslations
Publication date: 2009
Number of pages: 523

Format / Quality: PDF - Excellent
Size: 9.63 Mb
OK, the Kalasha language materials bundled in one file.

Includes, by order, the cover; then a paper by Kreutzmann titled "Linguistic diversity in space and time:
A survey in the Eastern Hindukush and Karakoram", to get you into context and to get Kalasha into context.

Then comes the article by Mela-Athanasopoulou, titled "Documenting the Kalasha language: some Challenges and Solutions", with horrible pictures showing Kalasha speakers doing stupid things that apparently the author thinks will properly document the language...

Third article is where we go into business: "Retroflex Harmony in Kalasha: Agreement or Spreading?" by Paul Arsenault and Alexei Kochetov, to which it follows the article titled Retroflex (consonant) harmony in Kalasha, by the same guys.

Finally, the wonderful master thesis by J.H. Petersen, dated 2006, titled "Local case-marking in Kalasha".

As promised.

Password: uztranslations


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